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FÍAIN candles (3 scents)

FÍAIN candles (3 scents)

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Created by Caitriona and Dara of Fíain in Co. Galway

‘None of our fragrances contains nasties such as phthalates or parabens, and none of the ingredients are animal derived. The fragrance oils we use are exceptionally high quality, a combination of natural essential oils extracted from plants or flowers, along with premium perfume oils to create a truly optimum candle that is stable, blends well & gives a terrific hot and cold scent throw! We've deliberately printed on matt paper stickers to avoid the use of unsustainable vinyl or plastic. After you've enjoyed this fresh masculine fragrance, you can up-cycle the tin & put it to good use as a cacti pot, pencil holder or a myriad of other useful purposes!’

Burn Time :

Large - 40 Hrs

Small - 20 Hrs

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