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Guillamene Jumper | Multi-Colour (Ready to Ship)

Guillamene Jumper | Multi-Colour (Ready to Ship)

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Colours (Body | Sleeve)
Sleeve | Length

Our multi-coloured high neck jumper comes in a variety of colour combinations carefully chosen from over 40 shades of wool. The Guillamene Jumper is offered in three different lengths with wide or slim sleeve options to better match your individual style. 

One of our most popular knits, it is fittingly named after Waterford’s most well known swimming spot. Guillamene is visited by swimmers of all generations through the seasons. With loads of activity during the summer, my favourite time to visit will always be in early spring. Days when the sun is out but there’s still a nip in the air, we’ll take a dip alongside the die-hards enjoying a chat, who might as well be in a hot tub. 

The easy, relaxed fitting Multi-Coloured Guillamene Jumper is a unique way to express your style and brighten up the grey winter days.

Colour Variant Labels:

B = Body Colour (B1 / B2 = two-tone body colours)
S = Sleeve Colour (S1 / S2 = two-tone sleeve colours)


Mollie is pictured here wearing the Guillamene Jumper in Brown with Sunset and Denim Blue sleeves - Brown (B) | Sunset (S1) | Denim Blue (S2)


      100% Merino Wool from Donegal Yarns


      Approximate Widths:
      X-Small: 37"
      Small: 40"
      Medium: 43"
      Large: 46"
      X-Large: 49"

      Approximate Lengths:
      Cropped: 20"
      Regular: 23"
      Long: 26"

      Care Instructions

      Hand wash in warm soapy water or machine wash at 30°c & air dry. Press with warm iron when damp if necessary.

      Never tumble dry. Do not bleach.

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