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Lemon Spice Sea Salt Bath Soak

Lemon Spice Sea Salt Bath Soak

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BE kind to yourself with our Lemon Spice Sea Salt Soak

Take time to unwind and soak away the aches and worries of the world.


Top notes of lemongrass and rosemary, heart of rose geranium and a base of nutmeg, ginger and patchouli.


Irish Atlantic sea salt, Epsom salts, aloe vera, powdered calendula and rose petals. Designed to uplift, detoxify and nurture. Sea salt and Epsom salts are rich in minerals and magnesium which help ease muscle ache, aloe vera and calendula heal and soothe, lemongrass and ginger essential oils stimulate circulation.

Handmade in small controlled batches.


Make time, at least 30 mins – sometimes the hardest part. Create a restful space where you won’t be disturbed. Light some candles or a fire. Make a hot drink or pour a glass of wine.


Dissolve 4-8tbs of Lemon Sea Salt Soak as you fill your bath.
Fill the bath as deep as you can. Lie back and drift away on wafts of sunny lemon scent as you soak all your cares away.


Fill a basin with warm water deep enough to cover your ankles. (Don’t forget your fluffiest towel and a kettle for a hot water top-up.) Add 4-8tbs of Lemon Sea Salt, allowing it to fizz in the water and release its wonderful aromas. Sit back in a comfy chair, immerse your feet and relax into the moment as the salt soak works its magic.

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